Return to School Transportation Resources

For families that are returning to in-person instruction, getting kids to and from school may be a challenge, especially for our families who have relied on bus transportation. Here is some information and resources to help us navigate this new routine together.

Walking and Biking
As many Cedar Park families already know, “active” transportation is a great way to wake up kids’ bodies and minds for a day of learning. The new Stay Healthy Street on 37th Ave NE has created a lower-traffic and more pleasant route to Cedar Park for families who walk or roll to school.

Some parents have expressed interest in walking and biking in a Timberwolf pack. Fun! Here are resources about leading walking school bus or a bicycle train.

Want to roll and stroll in safety and style? Our Safe Routes to School program has a supply of high-visibility backpack covers available. Please email


Carpool Connections

There is now a carpool connection forum you can join to help families connect with each other. You can request or offer rides HERE and look for carpool matches HERE. We have also posted a set of carpool recommendations for families to help ensure your carpool is smooth and safe for all. If you are needing a carpool for your student, or have room in your car for some friends, please check it out! 

You can also post carpool needs on Facebook in the Cedar Park Family Connections group. Finally, for families that live farther away from Cedar Park, you may want to check out a newly formed Facebook group created to support carpool connections district-wide. Search for “SPS Transportation Exchange” on Facebook.


Drop Off
The drop off zone on NE 135th Street will be available and staffed with volunteers. That said,  we need your help to ensure this works well for all. If you are interested in dropping kids off, please read carefully: 

  • The drop off zone will be open and staffed from 7:45 to 8:15 (AM cohort) and 11:30 to 12:00 pm (PM cohort). 
  • There will be NO parking in the drop off zone during these hours. If you want to pick up supplies or lunch during drop off, you will need to find street parking and walk in. 
  • It is critical that you complete the Attestation Form before 7 am each day, especially if you are dropping off students. 
  • Volunteers will be greeting each car to ensure that Attestation forms were submitted before students may exit the car. 
  • If you have NOT completed the Attestation form, you need to park nearby and walk your student to the check in point. 
  • If you are dropping off carpooling students, you will be asked to vouch for their Attestation forms as well. 
  • Pre-School students may NOT be dropped off. They must be walked to their class.

Hey, you would look great in a neon vest!
We are looking for a few volunteers to staff the drop off zone for the first couple weeks back. These short shifts (just 30 minutes)  are a fun and simple way to support our students, families and staff.  Learn more or sign up here.


A few friendly safety notes

  • 37th Ave NE has been designated a Stay Healthy Street, intended primarily for people walking and bicycling. If driving, please consider using other routes if at all possible. 
  • With the exception of the school property, most streets do not have sidewalks. Be aware of kids walking and biking to school. 
  • The speed limit on all Seattle residential streets is 20 mph, and 25mph on most nearby arterials. Thanks for honoring our community by honoring the speed limits.