Equity and Diversity

June 2, 2020

Dear Cedar Park Community,

These past weeks we’ve witnessed how, even in the midst of a global pandemic, racism continues to be lethal for Black men and women across this country. The Cedar Park Equity Team stands in unequivocal solidarity with protestors demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other Black men and women who have been killed at the hands of police (whether or not the incident was recorded on camera). And we recognize that the massive protests erupting across the country are not just about these horrific incidents, but about racist systems that have dehumanized Black people for hundreds of years.

It is clear now more than ever how essential it is to educate ourselves and talk openly and often with our children about race and racism. You may have seen some of the resources shared in the past few days by Principal Gasbar or your child’s classroom teacher. Here are some additional links to support you as you navigate through this work:

Finally, we are grateful to be a part of a school that cares deeply about creating a more equitable and just system of education and community for all students and families. If you would like to join or learn more about the Cedar Park Equity Team, please feel free to reach out at equity@cedarparkpta.org.

The Cedar Park Equity Team

Cedar Park students at the 2019 MLK Day march

We are a group of parents and staff working to interrupt and dismantle systems of injustice and inequity in our community. We aim to create a school where all are included, where diversity is the norm rather than the exception, where we talk bravely about race and social justice, and where parents and students advocate and care for themselves and one another.


Our work has included enrollment outreach in the Lake City neighborhood, collaboration with the Art Docent program, connecting with Equity Teams in nearby schools, and creating educational opportunities for ourselves and the community.



The Equity Team is here to elevate underrepresented voices and viewpoints. Our primary job is to listen to these voices, to better understand these viewpoints, and to take action where necessary.

We firmly believe that the work of confronting and educating others about racism and systemic injustices should not rest on the shoulders of people of color (or members of any marginalized group). Rather, we feel that the bulk of this emotional and time-consuming labor should be done by those who have benefitted from these systems (for example, it makes sense to us that the onus of interrupting white supremacy is on white people).

With that said, we invite you to engage in any way you’re able:

Come to a meeting! All at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom (Email equity@cedarparkpta.org for Zoom link)

  • 2021-22 meetings TBD

Check out our resources page for handouts, articles, videos and more.

Attend an event!

  • 2021-22 events TBD

Contact info: equity@cedarparkpta.org