Community Charter

This charter was developed at our 2018 December PTA Membership Meeting. Through sharing and discussion, community members came up with five important words that describe how we want people to feel when engaging with our community.


  • We will build and nurture relationships between students, families, teachers, and the community.
  • Inform and connect through a variety of communication tools.


  • We will offer a variety of ways for people to participate.
  • Involve our students to help share in the excitement of community events.
  • Support students and families outside of school.


  • Continuously reach out to the entire community for input and ideas.
  • Use signage or visual representation around diverse and inclusive values.
  • Actively seek out diverse voices for input about what increases feelings of inclusion.


  • Acknowledge contributions of community members.
  • Encourage everyone to contribute and participate.
  • Highlight the achievements of our school and student community.


  • Recognize needs and create systems to provide support to families.
  • Encourage community connection and provide resources to make it easy to connect with one another.
  • Proactively offer assistance and reach out when observing there is a need.