Garden + Sustainability

What is the Garden + Sustainability Team about?

Here at Cedar Park Elementary, we have a very unique opportunity to become stewards of the land surrounding the school. We have opportunities to observe and interact with nature every day through our natural areas, the park and playground (managed by Seattle Parks and Rec), and Cedar Park Elementary garden areas. Our IDEA Time classes have included lessons about seeds and how to grow a garden step-by-step.

To become a more sustainable school we have developed our own Green Team which has helped to educate the students on recycling and composting with older kids mentoring younger kids, implemented a “share table” to help decrease food waste, and we began using classroom tableware instead of disposable plates and cups. We have also offered (as guidelines allow) ways to recycle common household items such as old markers.

Our Goals:

  • Continue to rehabilitate and refurbish the garden beds that surround the school, and steward our area responsibly and sustainably.
  • Find ways to reduce waste and use our resources more effectively.
  • Educate our students about the natural world through gardening, Green Team, and environmentally-themed activities and IDEA Time classes.

Participation in school gardening and Green Team provides a connection to our school and Earth, and our gardens provide a link with our neighbors, volunteers, parents, and community partners. Gardening + Sustainability activities provide opportunities for cooperative work as well as individual accomplishments that help build pride and confidence. The gardens offer a way for students to practice their observation skills and provide context for understanding seasonality and life cycles. In the garden and through Green Team, students can observe all the principles of ecology in practice.

Join us! Email to be added to the email group. We aim to send out monthly updates about goings-on and opportunities. Have more time to offer or ideas to share? Let’s set up a time to chat!


Garden Work Party on Saturday, Jan 30th 2021

The Garden + Sustainability Team will be hosting a COVID-safe work party to help weed in various areas, cut back red twig dogwood, and mulch a little bit in bare areas. There are two time slots available: 10:00 to 10:45am and 11am to noon, but if these fill quickly we may add a third. To make sure the work party runs safely and smoothly, all guidelines below will need to be followed:

- A maximum of 2 households can be present at one time AND a maximum of 5 people per shift. That means
if a family of 4 signs up for a time slot, we only have 1 slot left (from another household) during that shift.
- We have several areas that we'll work on, so singular households will stay together but work separately from the other household on that shift.
- Households will need to bring their own gloves and tools; we are not allowed to share tools at this time.
- Consider bringing include loppers, secateurs (bypass pruners), rakes, pruning saw, and/or a hori hori or similar tool.
- Hand sanitizer will be on site if you don't have your own, and masks will be required.

Please reach out to Sara, the G+S Chair, with questions or concerns at

You can sign up for the work party here.